This is the Impressum tranlated into English – or rather the attempt to do so. It should be noted that the problems translating started already at the title:

“… Some web sites are poorly translated, so your term may be a false friend or an incorrect translation that has been picked up by other sites. One example is the use of Imprint for Impressum on German web site translations. An imprint is used in the publishing world, but it is completely inappropriate for web sites. This has been the subject of numerous discussions on the various listservs I belong to. Some more suitable suggestions include Credits, Legal information, Corporate Information, Legal Disclaimer, Contact Details, Contact Details/Disclaimer, About This Site or even The Boring Stuff (depending on level of informality of the site). Anything but Imprint, but I digress…” (quoted from some random site)

Anyway, “The Boring Stuff” seemed inappropriate because this is at least an attempt at being funny, so we called it “Credits” instead. That being said, lets move on to the real Credits:


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